Travel Tips

I love to travel almost as much as I love to write.  As I prepare for another trip (this one to the Northeast to enjoy the fall color), I thought I’d pass along a few of my tips for stress-free travel preparation:

1.  I keep a basket in my closet that contains the things I use only when I travel.  For instance:  Pill containers that hold 2 weeks or more of daily medications, a small first aid kit, xerox copies of our passports, a tote bag that folds up to something the size of a keychain, dryer sheets, a tiny flashlight, a compass, shoe bags, and wall chargers for my iPod, iPad and cell phone.

2.  I take my cosmetic kit from my workout bag, make certain everything is in ample supply for the trip, add any extras and it’s ready to go as well.

3.  As soon as trip planning begins, I start a folder that will eventually hold all reservations, ticket info, hotel confirmations, tourist information and any other pertinent papers.  When we took our two longest trips (five weeks in Australia and a 6-week driving trip to Alaska), the folder became a notebook with dividers for every category.

There are always surprises that take up pre-trip time, so I’ve found it is so much better to have most everything automatic.

Safe and happy adventures!


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  1. Linda Toomey

    Great tips!! Be sure to save a copy of your newly published book for me. Can’t wait to read it!!

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