Occam’s Razor vs The Chaos Theory

Seems like I decided to drive myself crazy this afternoon.  I am contemplating the difference between two principles – Occam’s Razor and The Chaos Theory.  Occam’s Razor (OR) can be condensed as “the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.”  The Chaos Theory (CT) says that even the simplest things are really complicated, very complicated, earth-shattering even.  So, I made the leap that if, as in OR, the simplest explanation is the best and, as in CT, simple things are really complicated, then is the complicated explanation really the best, only we don’t know that it’s complicated?

Finally, I decided that the simplest thing I could do is leave the complicated thinking to the mathematicians and physicists and I’ll return to writing historical fiction!

And from the Arizona desert, I say “Welcome Autumn”!




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3 responses to “Occam’s Razor vs The Chaos Theory

  1. Chaos theory is a branch of applied mathematics that deals with systems that display complex, unpredictable behavior. However, the systems themselves are often very simple, and in spite of their complicated behavior, can be understood.

    This conflict between the simple and the complex, the understandable and the unpredictable, is at the heart of many misconceptions. I have been writing a couple of posts at my blog about this idea, with a particular focus on the impacts of chaos on climate models. If you’re interested, the latest post is here:

    take care!

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