A Long Sad Goodbye

I recently visited the town of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, located in the far northeastern part of populated North America. Canada extends much further north (my goodness, that is a big country!), but with very few inhabitants. Corner Brook is hardly a tourist mecca, but is a port for cruise ships going up and down the Saint Lawrence River.

Corner Brook is surprisingly large for it’s location, founded on a niche within the lumber industry. Unfortunately, that niche is newsprint. There used to be four plants; now there is one. And how long will that last? The people here were so gracious, the town clean and filled with green spaces. I found myself pulling for their economic survival.

I think of them now when I read my daily newspaper. I’ve long known that the pleasure of holding those thin sheets in my hands would most likely disappear in my lifetime. I will mourn its passing. But, like the folks in Corner Brook, I need to prepare for that event, be ready to fill the void. I can’t think about it right now, however. The daily crossword awaits my sharpened pencil.

The Lone Paper Mill in Corner BrookCorner Brook's Brook


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