Man’s Search for Meaning

A chance encounter on New Year’s Eve sent me looking for Victor Frankl’s Holocaust memoir “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Different from many of the tragic stories from our sullied past, Frankl alluded to more than described the horrors he and his fellow prisoners faced, a writing style that actually portrayed these atrocities more vividly. The second part of the book introduced the reader (in this case, me) to Frankl’s psychotherapy method “Logotherapy,” far more intricate than I could dare to address here.

What I would like to mention about this book (highly recommended by the Library of Congress among many others) is one thought from Dr. Frankl that struck me as so incredibly applicable to our lives today. Bear in mind that he wrote the book in the 1950’s and a corollary in the early 1980’s. Dr. Frankl suggested that along with the Statue of Liberty on our East Coast, we should have a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast. They go hand-in-hand (an idea lost on so many today) and must span our entire country. 

Think about it.

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