Arizona at 100

Valentine’s Day marked the 100th birthday of the State of Arizona. Heaven knows our state has its share of problems. Fodder for several blogs perhaps. However, today I choose to celebrate rather than criticize.

I love my home state. The people. The places. The history. My first mystery novel, “Seashells in the Desert,” takes place in Winslow, Arizona in 1895. My second mystery, “Sheep’s Clothing,” is set in current day Tucson. In both books, setting–both time and place–is as important as any character.

The Arizona Daily Star ran a wonderful series of articles from its archives for the year leading up our centennial. I saved many of them. What a cast of characters! The language alone would fuel an entire writing seminar. Many of the sentences contained close to fifty words. The passive voice was used more often than not (a little joke with sentence structure there). It wasn’t unusual for me to read one of these articles and say “Huh?” Now that our centennial celebration has passed, I miss these daily diversions. 

As a writer, I have to wonder what someone in 2112 will think when she reads articles from today’s Star. Will anyone even read one hundred years from now?

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