Serendipity for Writers

I actively sought a moderator’s position at the upcoming Left Coast Crime conference and was rewarded with a stint for a panel titled “Pre 20th Century History.” This is a perfect fit for me since my mystery “Seashells in the Desert” takes place in Winslow, Arizona in 1895. 

The serendipity of this occasion is the four authors who make up my panel: Ann Parker, Priscilla Royal, John Maddox Roberts and Kenneth Wishnia. They write about the 19th, 13th, 1st BC and 16th centuries respectively. Not only do these literary wizards create great stories, each one is filled with details specific to that era, things like mode of dress, weapons, scientific (or lack thereof) discoveries, religious beliefs and so forth. I have been transported to four distinctly different locations – in both time and place – that have educated and entertained me. What reader could ask for more. 

If I hadn’t been assigned this panel, I might never have discovered the delights I’ve found in visiting Leadville, Colorado in 1880, Rome and Cairo 50 BC, Prague in 1592 and medieval England during the crusades. 

I can whole-heartedly recommend any and all of these authors. I am looking forward to meeting them in person, excerpts of which just might appear on this blog.

Happy Mystery Reading!


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