For Mom

Who among us don’t associate our moms with food? There’s always something a mom makes that will remind us of her forever. In my case, there are many things she cooked, baked or just plain created that are part of my dna. There was her special mac and cheese, almost a souffle, and her cut out Christmas cookies which found their way into every holiday known to man and became a staple of the memories I’ve passed along to my children. Even her sloppy Joe’s were different, made with some variety of Campbell’s Soup that contained okra. Okra? I don’t even like it…except in Mom’s SJ’s.

So, today, I put new flowers on my mom’s grave and thanked her for lots of things, mostly for just being my mom. That love will never die.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the the mothers. It’s the world’s most difficult and most important job.

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  1. Marianne Clark

    So beautifully said!!!!

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