I have to be reminded over and over again of many of life’s lessons. Discussing the whys and wherefores of that particular phenomenon is a topic for a future blog. Today, it’s one such lesson that blindsided me. 

Don’t assume. Don’t ever assume. I was reminded of this tenet this morning when I learned that the man who cleans our pool is a graduate of Cal Berkeley. I assumed (uh-oh, there’s that word) that he just might have graduated from high school. Now, I’m the one who’s the dummy. 

I’ve watched the guy for a couple of weeks and was impressed by the time he takes to do the job right. He’s thorough, meticulous. Certainly pleasant. And smart. He’s also no youngster. He took the job as a favor to a friend. He didn’t need it. Probably didn’t want it. But it hasn’t stopped him from doing a good job. 

People take various paths in life, and very seldom end up in a straight line from where they started. I get it. Now, can I remember it?

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